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Title Author Date
Reading Between the Lines   05.00
Contemporary Confucius   04.00
Beer Essentials   03.00
English to German Revision   02.00
Failed Invention Museum Kevin Ridolfi 01.00
The End of the 1990's   12.99
The Ultimate Urban Legend   09.99
1999 Darwin Awards Goatboy's Funny List 08.99
Comedic Cliff Notes Chris Morin 07.99
Drunk Driver Debriefing D'Arcy Rickard 06.99
Bar Room Translations Mark Cardin 05.99
Answering Machine Messages Chris Morin 04.99
All the Miscues That Are Fit to Print Mark Cardin 03.99
The Zero Advertising Awards Kevin Ridolfi 02.99
Thorough Instructions   11.98
Kids Say the Strangest Things   10.98
Geography Quiz anonymous 08.98
Error-Free Floppies anonymous 07.98
Police Blotter Michael Ferreira 05.98
Bumper Stickers anonymous 05.98
Signs of the Times   04.98

Top Ten List Author Date
Carson Daly's Top Ten Pet Peeves Mark Fusco 05.00
Top Ten Signs the Easter Bunny is Losing It Mark Fusco 04.00
Top Ten Leprechaun Pet Peeves Mark Fusco 03.00
Top Ten Things Not to Say on Valentine's Day Mark Fusco 02.00
Gov. Jesse Ventura's New Year's Resolutions Mark Fusco 01.00
Signs You're Having a Bad Christmas Mark Fusco 12.99
Signs You're Having a Bad Thanksgiving Mark Fusco 11.99
Signs You're Having a Bad Halloween Mark Fusco 10.99
Surprises of the New TV Season Mark Fusco 09.99
Signs You're a Game Show Junkie Mark Fusco 08.99
Rejected Advertising Slogans Mark Fusco 07.99
Signs You're Stuck in the 80s Mark Fusco 06.99
Darth Vader Secrets Exposed During the New Star Wars Movie Mark Fusco 05.99
Bill Gates Secrets Exposed During U.S. Mark Fusco 04.99
Top Ten Gift Ideas Kevin Ridolfi 12.98
Top Ten Thanksgiving Misconceptions Kevin Ridolfi 11.98
Top Ten Signs that It's Football Season Kevin Ridolfi 08.98
Top Ten Reasons Titanic Stunk Kevin Ridolfi 07.98