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JULY 1999 | VOL. 3, NO. 7



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NOTE: The Bytes & Picas section now features news and reviews of the gadget culture, including video games, technology, the internet and marketing strategies.

New Online Portal for Bestselling Books


CHAPEL HILL, NC --, an online portal for bestselling books, announced the opening of its web site at The site features bestseller news, reviews, and analysis, as well as the following:

Topbestseller Composite Index Updated every Monday, surveys the major national bestseller lists and averages their respective ranking numbers to form a composite index, not unlike the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Visitors to the site enjoy an objective bird's eye view of which books are topping the bestseller lists from coast to coast.

The weekly ranking numbers quoted on are used with permission from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, Publishers Weekly, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The L. A. Times. The site provides direct links to each of these bestseller lists.

Book Reviews The site also offers dozens of links to current book reviews from these and other publications, allowing readers easily to compare reviews from, say, The New York Times and The L. A. Times.

Bestseller Subject Lists As an additional service, also lists weekly bestsellers by subject. Topics include Biography, Business & Finance, Children's Books, Cooking & Diet, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, History, Humor, Mind & Body, Mystery Thriller, Poetry, Politics & Society, Religion & Spirituality, Romance, Science Fiction, Self Help, Sports & Outdoors, and others. Users can thereby see in a single list how Tom Clancy is competing against John Grisham, or which bestselling Business & Finance books are currently in the lead. As a retrospective, the site also lists the Top 100 Bestsellers of the 1990s, based on publishers' sales figures.

The site is currently listed on Yahoo! under Arts & Humanities / Literature / Bestsellers. In addition, numerous other web portals and special interest web sites have linked directly to subject lists, allowing visitors easy access to their weekly bestseller updates.

Although the site has been of great interest to publishers, writers, and literary agents, is designed for all readers interested in the world of bestsellers.

1stBooks Sponsors Orphic Chronicle


The 1stBooks Library is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Summer '99 issue of "The Orphic Chronicle," the popular e-zine offering speculative fiction, horror and fantasy on the web since 1996. The new issue is now available at the following location:

1stBooks is the world's leading distributor of electronic books. "eBooks" are not physical objects made of paper and ink, but full-length books that can be downloaded from the Internet as data files, directly to the computers of an estimated 50-70 million readers around the world.

The classic "Lensman" series by E.E. 'Doc' Smith is available in electronic form exclusively from 1stBooks, as well as titles by L. Frank Baum, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, and many other noted authors.

In addition to science fiction, horror and fantasy, 1stBooks also offers hundreds of classic titles, available free of charge.

Other current offerings include NY Times best sellers such as "The Millennium Bug" and "The Year of the Rat" from Regnery Publishing, and more than 2,000 other books on a wide variety of subjects.

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