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Title Author Date
The Virgin Suicides Laura Maccabee 05.00
Gladiator Tim Clifton 05.00
Frequency Dan Sullivan 05.00
U-571 Tim Clifton 05.00
Waking the Dead Laura Maccabee 04.00
Oscar 2000 Recap Tim Clifton 04.00
The Whole Nine Yards Laura Maccabee 03.00
Wonder Boys Tim Clifton 03.00
Holy Smoke Laura Maccabee 02.00
Magnolia Victorino Matus 01.00
Man on the Moon Tim Clifton 01.00
The Talented Mr. Ripley Laura Dave 01.00
The Green Mile Tim Clifton 12.99
Anywhere But Here Laura Dave 12.99
Sleepy Hollow Tim Clifton 12.99
Fight Club Tim Clifton 11.99
For Love of the Game Tim Clifton 10.99
The Muse Tim Clifton 09.99
Run Lola Run Laura Dave 08.99
Eyes Wide Shut Tim Clifton 08.99
The Hollywood Formula? Tim Clifton 06.99
The Phantom Menace Kevin Ridolfi 05.99
The Matrix Dan Sullivan 05.99
Star Wars Saga Returns Tim Clifton 05.99
Analyze This Tim Clifton 04.99
Stanley Kubrick Tribute Tim Clifton 04.99
Oscar Fervor Tim Clifton 03.99
In Dreams Tim Clifton 02.99
A Simple Plan Tim Clifton 01.99
Psycho: Remake Madness Tim Clifton 12.98
The Scream Effect Kevin Ridolfi 11.98
Simon Birch Rob Gallo 10.98
The Mask of Zorro Kimberly Monat 08.98
The Truman Show Rob Gallo 07.98
The Wonderful World of DVD Rob Gallo 05.98
Godzilla Kevin Ridolfi 05.98
Screen Test anonymous 04.98


Title Author Date
American Psycho Kevin Ridolfi 05.00
28 Days Kevin Ridolfi 05.00
Rules of Engagement Kevin Ridolfi 04.00
Any Given Sunday Kevin Ridolfi 01.00
Toy Story 2 Tim Clifton 12.99
The Insider Tim Clifton 11.99
Outside Providence Kevin Ridolfi 10.99
American Pie Kevin Ridolfi 08.99
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Kevin Ridolfi 04.99
She's All That Kevin Ridolfi 04.99
Shakespeare In Love Kevin Ridolfi 03.99
You've Got Mail Rob Gallo 02.99
A Bug's Life Rob Gallo 02.99
Life Is Beautiful Rob Gallo 02.99
The Thin Red Line Kevin Ridolfi 02.99
The Prince of Egypt Kevin Ridolfi 01.99
American History X Kevin Ridolfi 12.98
Apt Pupil Kevin Ridolfi 11.98
Urban Legends Kevin Ridolfi 10.98
Saving Private Ryan Kevin Ridolfi 10.98
There's Something About Mary Kevin Ridolfi 10.98
Blade Kevin Ridolfi 10.98
Armageddon Kevin Ridolfi 08.98
The X-Files Kevin Ridolfi 08.98
Bulworth Kevin Ridolfi 07.98
He Got Game Rob Gallo 07.98
Deep Impact Kevin Ridolfi 05.98
Mecury Rising Kevin Ridolfi 05.98
Wild Things Kevin Ridolfi 05.98
The Big Hit Kevin Ridolfi 05.98