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FEBRUARY 2000 | VOL. 4, NO. 2



New Way of Thinking for a New Year



50: You're lying.

40-49: You're an 80s trivia BUFF! You may know absolutely nothing about this decade, but at least you can name every member of Kool and the Gang. (Which is something that's going to come in handy some day).

30-39: Okay, so you don't know everything about the 80s, at least you can say you've watched each of the Ringwald movies at least 35 times. (That's quite an accomplishment.)

20-29: We give you credit for trying, but maybe you should listen to "The Age of Velcro: Trapped in the Eighties with Linh," and catch up on the questions you missed.

0-19: What, did your mother let you eat too many Pop-Rocks as a child? Did all that Aqua Net and "teasing" go to your head? Some of those questions were SO easy!


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1980s Trivia

So you're an '80s surviver? You wore the teased hair and acid washed jean jackets. You tucked your ripped jeans into your aerobic socks. You wore high-top Ponys or Adidas with parachute pants. You had a Samantha Fox or a New Kids on the Block poster on your wall. Thursday nights were tied up by Family Ties and the Cosby Show.

You're a child of the indulgent '80s? Test how much you remember of Firebirds, Atari and the A-Team by answering these questions (answers are on page two). People may look at you a little funny if you get them all right, but you won't care (after all you still have friendship bracelets stored away just in case).

1. The two most important Corey's of the 80s are

2. "Take on me" is a song by

3. Name three movies Molly Ringwald was in

4. Name one movie Jennifer Beals was in

5. Who does the number 867-5309. belong to?

6. Jo and Blair belong to which TV show?

7. Name two movies Anthony Michael Hall was in

Michael J. Fox

8. Name one of Alex P. Keaton's (right) siblings

9. Name three members of the A-Team

10. The lead singer of the Culture Club is

11. Who wanted us to wake them up before we "Go-go"ed?

12. Gargamel's trusty feline sidekick is

13. Who played Axle Foley?

14. David Lee Roth was replaced by who as lead singer of Van Halen?

15. Who wanted us to "Whip it"?

16. Complete this phrase: "Now I know, and knowing"

17. Who wanted us to "get loose, kick off your Sunday shoes"?

18. Name two 80s movies Kevin Bacon was in

19. What was flashdancer's day-time job?

Weird Al Yankovic

20. Name three "Weird" Al Yankovic (right) songs

21. Name all six Brady children

22. What is an Atari?

23. Do you know all the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire"?

24. Do you know who sang "We Didn't Start the Fire"?

25. Who sang "Celebration"?

26. Which movie does "High Tower" belong to?

27. Name one member of Wham! (give yourself two points for both)

28. Who was He-Man's nemesis?

29. Who was the male lead in TRON?

30. Name two crew members of the Love Boat

31. Finish the title of this popular TV show: "You can't do that"

32. Who got into their car through the windows?


33. Name three Scooby-Doo characters

34. Who does David Hasselhof engage Turbo Boost on?

35. Who played Merlin in Top Gun?

36. Name two movies from the 80s that Madonna was in

37. Name three songs off of Michael Jackson's Thriller album

38. Name three songs off of Madonna's Like A Virgin album

39. What is Ferris' best friend's name?

40. Josie is to the Pussycats like Jem is to the

41. What are the names of the two "rich" boys in Pretty in Pink

42. The song "In Your Eyes" was in what movie?

43. Who was president for the greater part of he 80s?

44. What movie is the phrase "oily beau-hunk" from?

Tom Cruise

45. Name four 80s movies Tom Cruise (right) was in

46. Name two Culture Club songs

47. Spandeau Ballet is:

    a. a new type of dance that became prevalent in the 80s
    b. an 80s rock group
    c. a garment that ballet dancers wear

48. The line: "This information cannot leave this room. It would devastate my rep as a dude." is from which movie?

49. What's the first name of the lead singer for animotion?

50. The movies Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and The Karate Kid all came out in what year?

51. The line: "I love my dead gay son" came from what movie?