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APRIL 2000 | VOL. 4, NO. 4


Kevin Larimer


NANCI L. WARNER is a poet-nurse with recent certifications in holistic nursing and interactive imagery. She hopes that her next step is "certification in Poetry Therapy." Warner is a contributing writer to Renaissance Online Magazine.


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 NANCI L. WARNER    The Bridge | Once | My Window Pain

The Bridge

"there is apparently a fragile bridge between expecting nothing and wanting everything."
- Jim Harrison.

Across the deep canyon of longing
lies a swaying foot bridge.
The distance is not far
but difficult.
Sunshine creates intense reds
and golds
against the opposite canyon wall,
while yet this pole lies in darkness and pain.

My heart crosses daily
between the precipices
of love and disappointment,
sadness and the safeness of belonging.
Love affirmed, love denied
in my eyes.

Although some of the wood slats
have rotted and fallen away,
I will continue the crossing.
Faith promising a warm fire
and sweet comfort
in the end.


once I was the quiet flower in the corner.
once I was the sunrise expected.
once I was the entertainer and the audience.
Now I am lightening and storm.

once I was dark deep caverns.
once I was a smoky ghost.
once I was the shy deer.
Now I am sunshine and shadow.

once I was still, stale air.
once I was locked in a sealed room.
once I was a dusty book, already written.
Now I dance in fresh air,
singing words to the sky,
my hair tied in ribbons of color.

My Window Pain

Looking out my window pain
at the traffic on rainy streets,
the dampness of uncertainty
mingles with the fatigue
of gasoline fumes and noise.
Winter darkness
outside my window pain.

Then I feel the touch of your music.
Poetry dances on lakes,
rivers singing through the streets,
soothing my uncertainty.