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AUGUST 1998 | VOL. 2, NO. 3





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Top TenPC games


TOP 10 PC Games

  1. Total Annihilation (Core Contingency

  2. Quake II

  3. Unreal

  4. Flight Simulator 98

  5. Carmageddon (Splat Pack)

  6. Jedi Knight (Mysteries of Sith)

  7. Grand Theft Auto

  8. Tomb Raider I & II

  9. Duke Nukem 3D

  10. You Don't Know Jack Netshow -- free

First I would like to discuss the changes that I have made to my top 10 list this month. Quake II has moved its way up to the number 2 position only now because I have just recently experienced its multiplayer capabilities at which it excells. Unreal has moved down to the number 3 position because of the failed attempt by the Unreal development team to produce a fix for its terrible online performance. This game has the potential of being another Quake killer but without the online performance it lags just behind. Online performance has quickly become one of the most important features of PC games and the effects of game companies either ignoring it or embracing it are evident in this month's list.

Battle Tactics

Total Annihilation, which remains number one on my list despite a failing attempt by Blizzard to top it with a game called Starcraft, is coming out with yet another add on called Battle Tactics.

Battle Tactics will feature:

  • 100 fast and furious missions as either the Arm or Core.
  • Four bonus units: The Arm Stunner-EMP Missle Launcher, The Arm Phalanx-Mobile Flak Vehicle, The Core Copperhead-Mobile Flak Vehicle, The Core Neutron-Neutron Missile Launcher
  • Six New multiplayer maps.
  • Single-Player Missions on Acid and Crystal Worlds for the first time.
  • Multiple degrees of difficulty and hours of additional gameplay

    Battle Tactics promises to create quicker campaigns with less preparation and more intense battle. The missions in Battle Tactics are aimed at sharpening the player's multiplayer strategy. If you have yet to experience the thrill of multiplayer TA, I suggest that you immediately sign up for an online gaming community called Kali. There is a one time fee of only $20 for a lifetime membership and it allows you to play most if not all of the most popular online games. It is definately the best $20 I have ever spent. The Battle Tactics add-on will add even more stategic possibilities to one of the greatest PC games of all time Total Annihilation. Lately I have heard many people talking about how much fun Starcraft is. Obviously these people have never played TA. I urge these people to at least download the demo of TA and compare the two games, but be aware that the demo contains a very limited number of units that can be used and does not provide the complete TA experience. Battle on Cavedog!

    Microsoft Flight Simulator '98

    Another newcomer to my top ten list this month is Microsoft Flight Simulator '98. Well it looks like Bill did it again. I bought MS Flight Simulator '98 in a combo pack along with the Microsoft Precision Pro joystick. The joystick is one of the best I have ever owned. It is fully programmable just like every other Microsoft game controller and is a very accurate joystick at a very affordable price (I didn't want to fork over the extra $100 for the force feedback version). Microsoft Flight Simulator '98 takes the best features of the earier versions and adds new features and compatabiltity for Windows 95/98.

    The new features include:

  • new aircraft such as the Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter and Boeing 737-400
  • 20 new U.S. metropolitan areas bring the total to more than 45 around the world.
  • Explore natural wonders and cityscapes from around the globe, including Hawaii, the Caribbean, Japan, and a new photo-realistic Hong Kong area.
  • Fly over the world's most famous landmarks, including the pryamids, the Colosseum, Red Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Easter Island, and many more.

    This game offers many interesting challenges. I have spent many hours trying to land the Bell 206B hellicopter on the top on a building. If you ever wanted to grow up to be a pilot when you were younger this is the game for you.

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